Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Party Time!

We had THE BEST Harvest party last month, but I "lost" the pictures on my laptop, somehow, until my techie son was able to retrieve them! Whew! So, here goes - a late blog about our October partying!

I cannot even begin to explain the details that our room parents put into this awesome event.  Check out our pictures.  You can almost feel the excitement!!! We played games, made a craft, ate great snacks, and wrapped our parents up like MUMMIES!!!  LOL   God bless the families that go above and beyond to make sure our Kinder Friends make awesome memories here at Bethlehem.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Learning Fun in October!

The month of October is Fire Prevention Month, which for us included a special visit from Kindergarten parent Firefighter Mark Laux!  Mr Laux talked to us about how firefighters are just regular people in special uniforms, that we should never be afraid of them, and about how their job is to help people in times of trouble.  We learned a lot about each uniform item, and even got to try on his special coat!  We don't think Mr Laux (or any of his colleagues) are "regular" at all.  They are all HEROES to us!!!

Learning in October also meant a lot of talk about Autumn.  We watched a video about why the leaves change colors and fall off of the trees.  We discussed the changing weather patterns, and read books about animals starting to store food and the like.  To wrap up our science lesson last week, we went on a Nature Walk through the neighborhood and picked up as many different autumn items as we could.  It was a perfect day too enjoy the beauty of God's creation!  Afterward, we used magnifying lenses to look closely at our treasures.  What a great day in Kindergarten!