Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tech Time

We are blessed to have access to several different types of technology in the classroom at Bethlehem.  We use our Apple TV on a daily basis, for everything from Jesus Time videos to enrichment during snack and rest, and to GoNoodle when we need to get the wiggles out!  Last week we started listening to and following along with books on Storyline Online.  It was SO cool! We also have four desktop computers where we can play learning games (sometimes we don't even know we're learning during them!), and we have iPads available to us for more learning and fun.  Many times, my Kinder Friends are better than I am at solving a game or figuring out the buttons to press and items to drag!  Shocker, I know!!  LOL


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Working Hard

We ARE working so hard to get our foundational skills in place, so we can move on to bigger and better things in Kindergarten!  Our numbers books are helping us with one-to-one counting, and to identify and sequence our numbers 1-30.  Here we are hard at work cutting, gluing, and counting our illustrations.  Whew!  No wonder we're so tired at the end of the school day!!!  :)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Week Fun!

We have had a great first week in Kindergarten!  I am so happy to say that all of my new Kinder Friends are super sweet, kind, and fun!  We started the year with no tears from our friends, and just a couple of weepy parents.  :)  I can't wait to see where the school year takes us.  Come back for updates each week, as we learn and grow together!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good Vibrations

Beach Day in Kindergarten was a big hit today!  We all surfed, sang, kicked beach balls, played in the water and sand, and ate good snacks - just like a day at the real beach!!!  Check out our antics!!!

 We had all of our lessons while sitting on our beach towels.
 Listening at Jesus Time.
 Learning about the First Pentacost.
 It was so much fun!
 Counting Beach Buddies for math!
 Hats are great for the beach!
 Working hard
 We love water play!
 Staying afloat while working on math!
 How does this fishing pole work?
 Beach balls in the classroom!?!
 What fun!
 Setting up for a relaxing time in the sun.
 Snuggled up
 This is the life...
 Bathing beauty
 Bubbles on the beach!!
 Wishing I was fishing!
Give me that beachball!!
 Napping on the beach is the best!
 Got one!
 Sandcastle building
 Lounge lizard!
 More bubbles!
 Beach volleyball
 Get it!
 Can't have a Beach Day without those pesky seagulls!!!
 Get out of our beach bag!!!
 Palm trees and a soft breeze
 Argh!  More seagulls!!!
 Pile under the umbrella!
 Making funny sunglasses
 Bright colors
 Watermelon glasses
 Fun stuff!
 Good job!
 Ha!  Funny!
 Go Blue!
 Filled up our beach bag!
 Everything we need...
for a fun day at the beach!!